Jeff M. Brown, BA, CMA

Author - Speaker - Entrepreneur - Consultant


Public Speaking

As an entrepreneur, I see an opportunity to speak through various mediums, to create awareness to "teaching children business"and "strategies for parenting," while in the context of helping prepare people for business and for businesses to succeed.


I speak on the subjects of teaching children business and strategies for parenting. I use a logical, thoughtful, passionate and strategic approach.


I have identified a unique offering that talks to children and parents with the goal of making both better prepared for their roles and success.


I have a passion for these social causes, written books and created web sites as resources for this subject matter. I am very inquisitive and entrepreneurial in my thinking - always asking tough questions and finding ways to improve the way we do things.


My content is very unique and my delivery is sincere, simple but effective.


I can customize my speaking engagements to a theme or key message of a function.

My goal is to impact children and parents, which will benefit society and the businesses they impact.


I am; 



  • A social entrepreneur and professional accountant CMA who has a broad base of business and industry experience
  • A father of two and husband of 24 years
  • As a seasoned business person, entrepreneur, author and founder of several related social ventures, I bring diverse and interesting perspectives to my subject matter
  • A logical and progressive thinker who inspires thought provoking conversation
  • A passionate leader in creating the opportunity to engage children in business
  • A committed parent who is interested in developing the "social cause of parenting" to help improve the role of parents in the development of children


Founder of:

Author of;

 “The Kids’ Guide to Business”
“Strategies for Parenting - The Road to Independence”
"Teaching Kids Business: Why, What, When, Where, How & Impact