Jeff M. Brown, BA, CMA

Author - Speaker - Entrepreneur - Consultant



My experiences with consultants has helped me understand the kind of consultant I want to be. My goal is not to impress with terms that no one understands, or to make things more complicated, with the hopes of fixing things. My goal is to be focussed, logical and provide simple advice to make immediate changes, that others can easily take control of and succeed with the advice.
I believe I have skills, experience and perspective in the subjects I consult on that make my services of interest and in demand to others.
My consulting opportunities:
  • Every business can improve their efficiency, reduce costs of operations, improve management controls and improve their business model.
  • Startups can use experience to develop and execute a business plan.
  • Every child can learn about business; develop life skills and gain important experience to prepare for business.
  • Every parent feels they can be a better parent - and they can. Parents can learn how to manage situations and apply strategies for parenting to improve as parents, be more effective on how they parent, and develop their children for independence.