Jeff M. Brown, BA, CMA

Author - Speaker - Entrepreneur - Consultant


Strategies for Parenting: The Road to Independence

This a very logical, thoughtful and practical book to help parents discuss the many aspects of parenting. A unique resource and writing style that helps you consider strategies in the development of your own.

This book will help you as parents make the most of your opportunity to develop the right strategies for parenting which will enable you to enjoy time with your children and prepare them for a successful life.

This book is laid out in three key sections; strategies, life skills and preparation for independence. The strategies section helps you focus on developing your overall approach to parenting. The life skills section provides guidance on developing important skills applicable to all stages and aspects of life. Independence is a key goal of effective parenting which incorporate all sections of the book with an approach which begins with steps at an early age.

This is a collaborative effort of a husband, wife, son and daughter team to demonstrate the necessary involvement of parents and children for effective parenting strategies. Authors use a unique combination of guiding points and stories to provide key learning in a thought provoking yet simple way to understand.